Boost Real Estate Marketing Efforts with Homebuyers

Boost real estate marketing efforts with homebuyers using Uplist’s innovative marketing solutions. Attract more clients, close deals faster, and grow your business.

Boost Real Estate Marketing Efforts with Homebuyers - Uplist Real Estate Technology

Uplist Benefits for

Real Estate Agents:

Dial in Actual Rates and Payments for Customers

Uplist transforms the homebuying and selling experience by giving you the ability to provide accurate real-time mortgage payment information to potential homebuyers–anytime, anywhere.

Expedite the Home Sales Process

With a quick scan or click, potential buyers get an immediate answer on rates and payments–saving precious hours or even days for you and your customers.

Keep Homebuyers with Preferred, High-Quality Lenders

Uplist encourages your customers to work within your preferred lender relationship, ensuring reliable service and accurate, individualized pricing to facilitate successful offers.

Stop Asking for Updated Real Estate Listing Flyers

Constantly requesting updated listing and open house flyers from lenders? Not anymore. With Uplist, printed flyers aren’t outdated–until the home sells.

How Uplist Works for Real Estate Agents

Real estate marketing efforts are amplified when your lender creates a custom SmartView™ listing flyer for new listings. Each SmartView™ flyer features a QR code. When scanned the potential homebuyer gets real-time mortgage rates and payment information for their unique financial profile, creating an efficient sales process. 

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Connect with an Uplist Lender

  • Work with a lender that offers Uplist–or invite your preferred lender to add Uplist to their business.



Add SmartView™ Flyers and Digital Buttons to Listings

  • Your loan officer will provide custom listing flyers for showings and open houses– replacing outdated rates with a QR code–and a digital “Get Payments” button for your listing web pages. Both send customers to the loan officer’s rate search tool for your listing.



Empower Customers with Real-Time Data

  • After scanning the QR code or clicking the button, interested homebuyers confirm their down payment amount as well as credit score range and are immediately provided with accurate, of-the-moment rates and payments for their unique scenario.



Move Forward Faster

  • With instant insight into the actual cost of a home, customers can more quickly make an offer, or move on to find a listing that fits their financial profile. Less time wasted, more deals closed.

Big Upside for Listing Agents

“Uplist has supercharged my real estate business! It’s helps me support my clients–and saves me time by keeping the sales process moving forward. It’s a total win-win.”

– Sam Cunningham, Founding Broker, Compass Real Estate