nCino Mortgage Suite Integration

Uplist users of the nCino Mortgage Suite (SimpleNexus) can now provide REAL-TIME RATES to customers right inside the white-labeled app.

nCino Mortgage Suite Integration with Uplist

nCino Mortgage Suite Integration with Uplist is So Easy!

Uplist is the ONLY technology that integrates directly into users’ nCino Mortgage Suite (SimpleNexus), providing REAL-TIME MORTGAGE RATES to potential borrowers searching for a home, inside your app.

In addition, Uplist’s integration into the nCino Mortgage Suite (SimpleNexus) also provides the opportunity for trusted real estate partners to easily create Uplist SmartView™ Listing Flyers directly from your white-labeled nCino Mortgage App. This means less logins to remember and more traffic to your app!

Real-Time Rates for Borrowers

Uplist users can now provide real-time rates inside the nCino Mortgage Suite (SimpleNexus) to their borrowers and agents.

Agents Can Request Listing Flyers

Real estate agents can easily request SmartView™ Listing Flyers from within the nCino Mortgage Suite (SimpleNexus).

2-1 Buydowns (and others)

Provide homebuyers and agents real-time 2-1 buydown rate and payment options from inside the nCino Mortgage Suite, as well as the total buydown cost for any scenario with a click of a button.

nCino Mortgage Suite Integration Guide Flyer

What our Customers are Saying

Uplist is a no-brainer. Easy to use. Great tool for helping my real estate agents move their listings faster in any market.

Ryan Bundy

Producing Branch Manager

SmartView™ Listing Flyers are great. Awesome tool for both lenders and Realtors®. The feedback I have gotten has been very positive!.

Jenni Grovom

Loan Officer

Uplist is the perfect tool for delivering actionable mortgage data in my real estate listings. I love it and so do my agents!

Kirk Kessel

Real Estate Agent

Uplist has supercharged my real estate business! It’s helps me support my clients and saves me time. It’s a total win-win!

Sam Cunningham

Real Estate Broker

The Uplist system is great! This software is the future of homeownership. Highly recommend you check it out!

Brody O'Connor


I have a Realtor® team who really loves Uplist! The platform has helped me maintain and grow my partnerships.

Rob Fleming

Branch Manager

Extremely easy to set up and use. My listing agents LOVE them! The technology is so simple. Great product!

Josh Allphin

Loan Officer

I love Uplist! I’m using it every day to build relationships with my agent partners. Only took a few minutes to setup the first time I used it.

Justin Blodgett

Loan Officer

Simple Integration — Huge Competitive Edge

“The Uplist integration into our nCino Mortgage Suite has added so much value to the app. Our borrowers and real estate agents LOVE IT!”

– Scott Collins, Branch Manager, Revolution