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No more updating listing flyers. Uplist’s innovative patent-pending platform provides a suite of features, including real-time payment options for homebuyers. The result is a streamlined sales process for all involved.

Uplist Listing Flyer Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology by Uplist

Welcome to the future of real estate technology by Uplist, a game-changing platform designed to revolutionize the way loan officers, real estate listing agents, builders and homebuyers interact. Uplist’s suite of features provides cutting-edge, patent-pending technology, that offers real-time rates and comprehensive financial information that streamlines the homebuying process. Uplist’s suite includes our popular SmartView™ Listing Flyers, Quick Quotes, SmartBuyer™ Tool and helpful mortgage calculators.

Say goodbye to outdated listing flyers and hello to Uplist’s modern alternative, SmartView™ listing flyers, which provide a range of real-time payment options to homebuyers at the scan of a QR code or button click. Our platform is engineered to accelerate home sales and cultivate strong relationships among all stakeholders. Experience the automated, streamlined sales process that makes Uplist the ultimate real estate technology for lenders, agents, builders and homebuyers.

Accelerate Home Sales

Uplist provides real-time financial information to potential homebuyers. With interested homebuyers able to instantly evaluate their actual payment options, they can quickly move forward on an offer or shift focus to a home that fits their finances. By reducing uncertainty Uplist is able to speed up the sales process.

Cultivate Strong Relationships

Lenders can deliver new value to listing agents, enabling them to support homebuyers with accurate rates. Lenders representing new construction can increase capture rates. Uplist provides a competitive advantage that's a win-win-win for everyone involved in the homebuying process.

Save Time, Skip the Busy Work

Eliminate the hassle of constantly updating, printing, and sending revised real estate listing flyers to business partners. Uplist minimizes the lag time of phone calls and email chains between real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and homebuyers, making the entire process more efficient.

Guess Less, Know More

Homebuyers get an accurate understanding of real-time pricing for what’s possible with any home offer scenario. Real estate agents can assist buyers with immediate answers, without having to track down the mortgage loan officer. This improves the client experience by providing quick, reliable information.


Share real-time rates

with less printing.

Close more deals in less time.



Real Estate Agents

Eliminate the guesswork.

Ensure faster, happier sales.

Provide buyers with transparency. 




Empower your site agents.

Save time and increase capture.

Provide a technological edge. 



Lenders Ready To Make an Impact?

Uplist is the perfect SaaS real estate technology solution for lenders who want to create positive impact in any mortgage market. Uplist’s suite of features provides mortgage loan officers the tools they need to go out and capture more business. Explore one of the leading real estate technologies dedicated to lenders.

SmartView™ Flyers

Share Uplist SmartView™ Listing Flyers with your valued business partners that never require an update to rate and payment information.

Quick Quotes

This on the go feature allows loan officers to easily pull an accurate, real-time quote on potential properties for a homebuyer, without having to be in the office or at a desktop.

SmartBuyer™ Tool

Our mobile-friendly, white-labeled tool allows your homebuyers to search real-time rates and payments for ANY active listing, and then request a pre-approval with a tap of a button.

Uplist Suite of Features

A Game-Changer for Mortgage Loan Officers

Uplist is a no-brainer. Easy to use. And the best tool I’ve seen for helping my real estate agents with their listings.”

– Ryan Bundy, Producing Branch Manager, NFM Lending

The Quick Uptake on Uplist SmartView™ Listing Flyers

Uplist real estate technology is a cloud-based sales tool. This turnkey patent-pending platform provides a suite of features to lenders. This includes our SmartView™ listing flyers, which allows lenders to provide their own real-time mortgage rates and payment information for specific homebuyer scenarios on real estate listings – instantly, anywhere. Here’s how the process works.



Mortgage Loan Officer Adds a Real Estate Listing

  • Loan officers log into Uplist to enter data for a specific real estate listing.



Uplist Generates Real Estate Listing Assets

  • The Uplist platform creates a real-time rate search web page for the real estate listing, plus customizable flyers with a QR code and a digital ”Get Payments” button for real estate agents to add to their listing online.



Homebuyers Access the Lender’s Uplist Site

  • While touring or browsing homes, homebuyers scan the code or click the button to access the mortgage loan officer’s company-branded Uplist page. This is where potential buyers can search for real-time rate and payments options.



Homebuyers Get Instant Personalized Real-Time Payments

  • The homebuyer enters purchase price, down payment, credit score, veteran status, seller credit amount, first-time homebuyer, and occupancy information. Uplist connects to the mortgage loan officer’s pricing engine and immediately displays accurate, individualized real-time rates and payments from the lender.



The Streamlined Sales Process Advances

  • The homebuyer can email themselves a summary of their scenario, the pricing results, and the mortgage loan officer’s contact information. Potential homebuyers can reach out to the loan officer right away with a call, text, or email.
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