Home Builder Marketing Solutions to Revolutionize Business

Uplist unlocks innovative home builder marketing solutions that attracts more homebuyers, helps listing agents, and skyrockets sales. Boosts the metrics that matter to your bottom line.

Home Builder Marketing Solutions to Revolutionize Business - Uplist real estate technology

Uplist Benefits

for Builders:

Show the True Value of a Seller Credit

Home builders often entice homebuyers with credits toward closing costs, but buyers struggle to compute the impact on their actual payments. Uplist does the math to instantly reveal what the credit really means to the buyer for their specific scenario.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Uplist offers real-time home sales solutions for home builders, improving key metrics from sales cycle to capture rate with lenders. Clarity on pricing helps agents keep buyers focused on the home they love, not price confusion.

Improve Efficiency

Uplist’s home builder marketing solution automatically shares mortgage rates and payments, saving significant time for home builders. Uplist empowers site agents with real-time financial information for prospective buyers.

Home Builder Marketing Solutions

Uplist home builder marketing solutions guide homebuyers to the trusted, onsite lender, ensuring they get quality service, accurate payment information, and a reliable mortgage experience without unwelcome surprises.

How Uplist Works for Builders

Uplist provides home builder marketing solutions through innovative real estate technology that helps builders sell more homes. From streamlining the sales process by reducing administrative work, to increasing capture rates and gaining a competitive edge, the Uplist platform is designed to address the unique challenges faced by builders in the real estate market. Its features can significantly improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, sales.

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1. Get Uplist

  • Have your on-site lender use Uplist, and give your sales team an edge.



Add SmartView™ Flyers and Digital Buttons to Site Agent Listings

  • Your mortgage staff or preferred lender will provide branded listing flyers for open houses–with a QR code in place of outdated rates–and a digital “Get Payments” button for your listings online. Both connect buyers to the rate-search page for your listing.



Empower Homebuyers with Real-Time Data

  • After entering key details into the rate-search page, interested buyers are immediately provided with accurate, real-time rates and payments for their unique scenario–from your preferred onsite lender.



Sell Homes Faster

  • With instant insight into the actual monthly cost of a desired home, customers can more quickly move forward on a home offer, or find another home of yours that suits their needs and finances.

Loved by Homebuyers

“In a few seconds, I got rates and saw my real payments. Turns out I could afford the more expensive new construction home I really wanted!”

- Gina, New Homebuyer, Washington State