Real-Time Mortgage Rate Listing Flyers for Lenders

No more updating real estate listing flyers. Accelerate the home loan process by putting real-time mortgage rate listing flyers right in the hands of prospective homebuyers.

Real-Time Mortgage Rate Listing Flyers for Lenders - Uplist Real Estate Technology

How Uplist Works for Lenders

Uplist is a modern alternative to traditional listing flyers. Our SmartView™ listing flyers are easy to create. In a few simple clicks, they provide real-time mortgage rate listing flyers to lenders that their mortgage loan officers can share with real estate agents or builders.

Mortgage loan officers log into Uplist and enter data for a specific real estate listing. The platform then generates a rate-search web page for that listing, complete with a QR code and a digital “Get Payments” button. These deliverables are able to be shared with trusted real estates agent and builders.

When homebuyers scan the QR code or click the button, they are directed to the mortgage loan officer’s company-branded Uplist page where they can do a quick, real-time mortgage rate search.

No More Updating Mortgage Rate Listing Flyers

With Uplist SmartView™ listing flyers your branding, details, and a QR code linking to your real-time mortgage rates and pricing are easily available. No outdated mortgage rates means no more constant, time-consuming updates and re-prints.

Stay Connected with Real Estate Agents

Always have a reason for outreach. With Uplist, a tool that helps the customer, you’re making the agent’s job easier. They can show up more prepared, with essential information buyers need but traditionally have a hard time grasping.

Add Value to Your MSA

When it comes to your marketing services agreement, you can bring more value to the table with Uplist SmartView™ listing flyers. Strengthen your connections to real estate offices, and bolster the potential for new business.

Generate More Leads

The potential homebuyer accesses your Uplist platform via real estate agents’ listings, and benefits from pricing data aligned with their needs. From there, the motivated, informed homebuyer is directed to contact you.

Add to Your Technology Stack

Use Uplist alongside other technology, like Mortgage Coach and MMI, to supercharge the mortgage sales process. Make the most of targeted and timely outreach to real estate agents, while leveraging all relevant buyer scenarios.

How Uplist Works for Loan Officers

Uplist solves a persistent homebuying issue. Motivated buyers can’t get real-time mortgage rates, with pricing relevant to them, so decision-making stalls. Uplist seamlessly connects to your real-time pricing data, keeping everyone moving toward a home sale.

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Start Using Uplist Right Away

  • As cloud-based software, Uplist requires no install and no link to your own systems. The only tie to your data is our enterprise API connection with your pricing engine. The best part for mortgage loan officers is that your investment will pay off fast, up to 700% ROI with the first closed home loan.



Connect Buyers to Your Rates

  • Uplist puts a QR code on loan officer’s custom branded SmartView™ listing flyers, replacing outdated mortgage rates. A quick scan connects active homebuyers to your real-time pricing. A custom “Get Payments” button is created that real estate agents can add to online listings, linking online mortgage shoppers to your mortgage rates.



Unlock Insight for Homebuyers

  • Homebuyers enter criteria on your rate search page and instantly get your real-time mortgage rates and payments for their unique scenarios. If applicable, seller credits are automatically applied to buy down the interest rate, clarifying the value to buyers.



 Facilitate Faster, Smoother Closings

  • Homebuyers are no longer left wondering if they can afford a home. Uplist provides answers instantly, saving time for everyone involved in the home sales process.

Endorsed by America’s Top Realtors®

“Uplist is the perfect tool for delivering actionable mortgage data in my real estate listings.”

– Kirk Kessel, Founding Agent, Compass Real Estate

Lenders Ready To Make an Impact?

Uplist is the perfect SaaS real estate technology solution for lenders who want to create positive impact in any mortgage market. Uplist’s suite of features provides mortgage loan officers the tools they need to go out and capture more business. Explore one of the leading real estate technologies dedicated to lenders.

SmartView™ Flyers

Share Uplist SmartView™ Listing Flyers with your valued business partners that never require an update to rate and payment information.

Quick Quotes

This on the go feature allows loan officers to easily pull an accurate, real-time quote on potential properties for a homebuyer, without having to be in the office or at a desktop.

SmartBuyer™ Tool

Our mobile-friendly, white-labeled tool allows your homebuyers to search real-time rates and payments for ANY active listing, and then request a pre-approval with a tap of a button.

Uplist Suite of Features